Applying for a grant from the Emergency Fund

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the Cornwall Community Foundation Emergency Fund. You are in good company, more than 200 community groups and charities have received grants from the Fund since 17 March 2020.

If your community group or charity operates in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly and you are helping people impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, the Emergency Fund has grants immediately available to support your vital work.

The Cornwall Emergency Fund offers grants to meet two strands of community need:

1. Emergency and crisis
For community groups helping people survive during the crisis by supporting their immediate, emergency needs.
This includes, for example,
• food and hygiene provisions where other sources are not available
• homelessness and housing support
• supporting families in crisis
• ensuring the well-being of elderly, isolated people

2. Build Back Better
For community groups looking beyond immediate crisis provision to develop or reopen services for the future.
This includes, for example,
• moving to larger premise to meet increased demand
• employing additional staff or recruiting volunteers to provide extended or meet new circumstances
• adapting facilities to meet social distancing requirements to
re-open or develop provision to communities
• replace income lost due to Coronavirus (providing you are meeting other core criteria for this Fund)

Priority is given to groups who are reaching the most vulnerable or at greatest risk of negative social, health or economic impact as a result of COVID-19. However, we are also keen to receive applications from organisations who support general well-being in their communities but are experiencing challenges in offering services or reopening due to Coronavirus.

Previous recipients of Emergency and Crisis funding are welcome to apply to Build Back Better or for further funding for Emergency and Crisis needs. Groups that have not been operating during the crisis may also apply for funding to re-open services.

For more details and to confirm eligibility, please read the guidelines.