Terms & Conditions


    Terms and Conditions


    By submitting your grant application, you confirm:

    • that the information provided by you is true & accurate to the best of your knowledge;
    • that you are authorised to provide this on behalf of your group or organisation; and
    • that you agree to the terms and conditions as set out below:

    If awarded a grant, the following conditions apply:

    • You agree to spend the funds granted on the items and for the purpose(s) as outlined in your funding application, and within 12 months of receipt unless otherwise agreed.
    • Where you have not received the total amount requested or required for a project, that you are able to proceed with the activity as described with the amount granted (+ any other funding received from other sources, as noted in your application).
    • You will inform Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) of any changes affecting your ability to deliver the project as described in your application. Amendments & variations can, and wherever possible, will be accommodated but these must be agreed in writing, in advance, with a member of the CCF Grants Team.
    • You will inform CCF of any change(s) to your main contact’s details.
    • You confirm that your organisation / group has a governing body of at least 3 individuals who are unrelated
    • You confirm that your group / organisation holds a bank account in the group / organisation name and that a minimum of 2 x people who are unrelated, are required to approve withdrawals and transactions.
    • You consent to CCF (or its appointed agent) contacting you by email, telephone or letter, regarding your application and any grant offered or awarded.
    • You confirm that you have the relevant & required Safeguarding; Equal Opportunities; Health and Safety; Risk Assessment and Insurance policies in place.
    • You understand that if you work with children and young people or vulnerable adults, you must have a Disclosure and Barring Service Policy and that the relevant DBS checks are / will be carried out for all relevant staff and/or volunteers.
    • Where a grant covers or contributes to the cost of employing staff, you confirm that your group / organisation [will] complie/s with all relevant employment legislation and associated equal opportunities and employment guidelines & good practice.
    • You confirm that anyone delivering a professional service (eg counsellor) as part of your project, is appropriately qualified, registered & insured to do so.
    • You understand that you cannot not use any grant funding awarded for goods or services already ordered or purchased prior to the grant being awarded.
    • You will maintain accurate financial records of grant expenditure, including receipts & invoices, for a period of at least 7 years, in accordance with standard accounting practice. These will be made available to CCF on request.
    • You agree to participate in monitoring and evaluation, and provide an End of Grant report and feedback, when requested.
    • You understand that you will not be able to apply for any further grants from CCF whilst you have any monitoring and evaluation requested and outstanding.
    • Details of any grant awarded will be made publicly available for reporting and publicity purposes. Personal, individual information will not be shared – please see our Privacy notice for further details.
    • You agree to acknowledge & publicise the funding awarded from Cornwall Community Foundation and any grant programme funder by including their logos in your promotional publicity & social media, eg in a newsletter; press releases or on your website. If requested, you will provide CCF copies of relevant photos and press publicity which CCF may use.
    • If an offer of a grant is conditional on the provision of additional information, this must be provided within two weeks of the offer of grant. After 2 weeks, the offer may be withdrawn if the additional information has not been received.
    • CCF reserves the right to seek repayment of any grant if:
      • the grant is not (able to be) spent as intended and agreed;
      • where it transpires that false or mis-leading information has been provided in an application and/or the group or organisation has acted dishonestly;
      • the group or organisation becomes insolvent; goes into administration, receivership or liquidation; or is otherwise dissolved.