Grant application and eligibility guidelines

    To ensure our grant-making is open, transparent, and fair, we have established the following core eligibility criteria. If you have any queries about whether you meet the criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Grants Team.

    Who we support
    We support local charities, community and voluntary groups and social enterprises in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We award small grants to grassroots, front line, volunteer led organisations who are making a positive impact in their area. Our aim is to overcome challenges of disadvantage, exclusion and poverty for all ages. We welcome applications from both new and established groups.

    Who can apply?
    Not for profit community groups or social enterprises (you don’t need to be a registered charity but your activities must be considered charitable) operating in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

    All grant applicants will need to have the following supporting information before a grant will be awarded:

    • a recognised governing document e.g. Constitution, Articles which outlines the organisation’s objectives and it must have a Dissolution Clause
    • confirmation you have a minimum of three unrelated members on your Management Committee or if you are a Registered Charity we ask there are three unrelated Trustees registered with the Charity Commission
    • please ensure your details registered with the Charity Commission are up to date if you are a Registered Charity or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation
    • if you are working with children and/or people at risk, please submit your Safeguarding Policy with your Safeguarding Officer’s named and contact details within this policy
    • up to date annual accounts for your organisation
    • an up to date bank statement (within the last three months) clearly displaying details of the account name, account number and sort code. The account should have two unrelated signatories for all withdrawals
    • in date, relevant Insurance Policies
    • an Equal Opportunities Policy
    • occasionally, we may require a written reference from an independent referee

    Special arrangements apply for large organisations. For details click here

    We welcome applications from social enterprises, however, there are specific guidelines that apply. If you are a social enterprise please click here for details.

    Grants range from £1,000 – £5,000

    Sorry, we do not fund:

    • commercial, profit making organisations
    • groups with a significant free reserve balance
    • statutory/public sector organisations such as health authorities, schools, hospitals, parish and town councils
    • contributions to an endowment, payment of deficit funding or repayment of loans
    • grant making organisations or bodies who fundraise or distribute grants on behalf of other organisations
    • retrospective grants
    • regional offices of national bodies that do not have their own local accounts and management committee and benefit local people
    • groups whose beneficiaries are not people
    • projects that help only one individual
    • projects intended to influence people’s religious choices or to promote a particular belief system. We can support community welfare activities by religious organisations
    • the promotion of political causes