Welcome Fund

Description: The Welcome Fund offers financial support to local organisations and community groups supporting refugees in Cornwall including those seeking asylum.

Type: Core costs, project costs & individuals

Status: Open

Maximum: Grants range from £500 - £2,000



Notes: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

The Welcome Fund aims to raise money to offer financial support to refugees in Cornwall.

Organisations can apply for funds between £500 – £2,000 for:

  • Activities and support services
  • Community integration
  • Provision of essential items for individual refugees

Where grants are for essential items for individuals or families we ask that no more than £250 is made available to any one individual/family. These can be distributed as an onward payment to the individual or through:

  • Purchases on behalf of the individual
  • Providing supplies such as food, clothing, practical items
  • Purchasing alternative vouchers or gift card



Apply online: begin your application