North Cornwall

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Crisis Fund

The Crisis Fund is to benefit people in crisis who are urgently in need of small, one off amounts of money.  These funds can be accessed through charitable organisations throughout Cornwall who hold a pot of funds, to distribute to individuals when necessary. Charitable organisations can apply for an initial £500 to distribute small amounts, […]

Emily Bolitho Trust

The Emily Bolitho Fund’s main purpose is to support the wellbeing of individuals, especially those faced with hardship through poor health or low income, and for organisations that provide services to those facing hardship. This fund supports both individuals through a sponsor agency and organisations. Area of benefit: The old borough of Penzance which includes […]

Welcome Fund

The Welcome Fund aims to raise money to offer financial support to refugees in Cornwall. Organisations can apply for a sum of funds between £500 – £2,000, depending on capacity, and distribute at their discretion to refugees in their local area. Usually, individuals or families will be known to the organisation through their service delivery. […]

Young and Talented Cornwall

Applicants will need to meet a number of criteria to be considered for a grant. To be eligible applicants must: be resident in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly in all but the most exceptional circumstances, be 14 years or over and under 23 years of age have an exceptional talent which has been recognised […]