Vital Signs 2022

    Cornwall’s Vitals Signs Report 2022

    Vital Signs® is a detailed analysis of a wide range of social measures across Cornwall that we commission every few years in order to direct our grant giving where it is needed most. We are very proud to be working on this research with the University of Exeter and we are very grateful to James Williams, the  Vice Lord-Lieutenant, for sponsoring the publication of the Vital Signs report.

    Vital Issues is a detailed research paper with references and Vital Signs is a summary report featuring community projects. We hope you will find the reports inspiring.


    To download Cornwall’s Vital Signs 2022 as a PDF click here. For printed copies please contact or call 01566 779333.

    Research & references

    Cornwall’s Vital Signs is a summary document. Full research and references can be found in our longform paper: Cornwall’s Vital Issues 2022.  Click here to read and download.

    Earlier research publications

    In 2018 we published an Update Report to our first Cornwall’s Vital Signs 2017 entitled “Spotlight on young people – wellbeing and opportunity”

    To read and download the Vital Signs Update 2018 – Spotlight on young people – wellbeing and opportunity click here

    Cornwall’s Vital Signs 2017 was our first research and report that assessed community social needs in Cornwall. It was widely used by community groups and policymakers in Cornwall as a guide to social needs and driver for philanthropic giving.

    To read and download the report click here.