Cornwall Community Foundation launches Poverty Hurts – Cornwall’s Cost of Living Appeal

Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) has launched a new fundraising appeal, designed to help people struggling with the rising cost-of-living crisis. The funds raised will provide grants to charities and community organisations who are facing increased demand due to the rising household costs, and continue to provide a vital lifeline to communities and individuals across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Energy bills hitting £2,800 this winter will see 9.6 million households fall into fuel stress, spending a tenth or more of incomes on energy bills after housing costs. While everyone will face high inflation this year, the Resolution Foundation reports severe fuel stress will be highly concentrated at the bottom of the income spectrum.

Cornwall has 17 council wards in the 20% most deprived in England many people are facing a perfect storm of financial challenges. “The cost-of-living crisis is pushing more people than ever before into poverty,” says Gill Pipkin, Chief Executive Officer of Citizens Advice Cornwall. “Many who were ‘just about managing’ prior to the pandemic are now unable to pay essential household bills, buy food and run a car. We are seeing more people who, with every bit of income we can find for them through grants and benefits, just can’t make ends meet each month, and there is worse to come. More people, who have never relied on benefits or support have no choice but to seek help.”

Monique Collins, Manager of the Drop in and Share Centre in Newquay, adds “We at DISC have seen a 300% increase in demand for cooked meals as well as vegetables and fruit. Our electric top ups have trebled and we have to deal with more and more people facing eviction and debt.”

The effects are being felt in every corner of life and taking a toll on people’s mental and physical health, personal and social development, educational attainment, relationships and family stability.

CCF Chief Executive Officer, Tamas Haydu said, “We know that many families and individuals in the county are finding this year incredibly difficult. The rising cost of living is pushing low-income households into deeper poverty and this is only going to get worse. Support from charities and community groups is vital and donations to the Poverty Hurts appeal will be helping the people in Cornwall who need it most.”

Please donate to the Poverty Hurts Appeal, to help families in Cornwall struggling through the crisis, click here.