Cornish cream producer Roddas supports Cornwall Crisis Fund

We are grateful to have received a generous donation from Roddas Creamery to support the Crisis Fund.

The Crisis Fund benefits people who find themselves in crisis and urgently in need of small, one-off amounts of money. These small grants are distributed by local charities who work with people experiencing difficult circumstances. A small amount of money goes a long way, with £30 being the average grant. Since 2005, the Crisis Fund has distributed 580 awards totalling over £300,000 across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Nicholas Rodda, Managing Director and fifth generation of Rodda’s said, “We are pleased to be in a position to support the Crisis Fund through Cornwall Community Foundation. This year, more people than ever are finding themselves within difficult circumstances, and are in real need of the valuable support the charity is providing. From basic life essentials, to assisting with accommodation needs, we hope our donation will assist these community organisations to carry on the great work they are already doing to help those in need.”

Charities and community organisations that use the Crisis Fund to support their members include Drop in and Share Centre Newquay (DISC), Citizens Advice Cambourne, TRELYA and EFGI Cornwall Aid Centre. Lorraine Carlin from EFGI Cornwall Aid, based in Redruth said, “Crisis situations can suddenly hit us all at times in our lives, and with covid adding to this, the Crisis Fund is a wonderful way of bringing help, kindness and support. With perhaps the loss of a job, health issues, repairs, larger than expected bills etc, the Crisis Fund has enabled charities like EFGI to bridge gaps, supporting people in the community to continue navigating their way out of their personal crisis. So many in the community have been so thankful for the support in their time of need.”

Cat Keene, Director of Services at TREYLA, adds, “The Crisis Fund is proving to be an invaluable help for our families. It is flexible and responsive which ensures that people receive the right help exactly when they need it. Never before have we seen so many individuals and families in need of basic life essentials. The Crisis Fund has helped to provide food, clothing, and even emergency accommodation in times of unforeseen high stress and crisis. Such responsive provision meets an immediate need, can help de-escalate a crisis situation, and equip an individual or family to safely navigate their next steps.”

Tamas Haydu, Chief Executive of Cornwall Community Foundation said, “Thank you to Roddas for their generous donation. These are difficult times with the cost of living rising and we are already seeing more people finding themselves in a position of needing immediate help. This donation will allow those brilliant community organisations to carry on reaching out to people in crisis.”