Virtual Hugs

With the pandemic impacting a great deal on peoples mental health and wellbeing, The Hugs Foundation had to think on their feet. They knew they need to continue to deliver their animal therapy service, but how. After lots of thought, they decided to launch ‘Hugs TV’.

‘Hugs TV’ is now delivered twice a day via a live Facebook stream called’ A Daily Hug’. The live stream enables people to receive an update, fund facts, activities, challenges all centred around the animals and farming life. At this difficult time it is important for people to feel connected, engaged and apart of something positive. This service offers people just this and it also enables the bond and trust with participants to continue.

A beneficiary of the service comments, “during lock down everything I know had to stop, this made me feel anxious and worried. However, when Hugs started posting their live videos every day I started to see everything was ok. I like the fact it’s the same time every day and it’s live so anything can happen. I really, really miss Hugs but the videos make me feel I’m not actually away and I look forward to them every day.”

Facebook insights indicate that they reached over 68,000 people with over 15,000 engagements from March – May.

The Cornwall Community Foundation are pleased to have supported the organisation with £4,172.76.