The Oasis Centre

The Oasis Centre is based in St Column Major and work with elderly and disadvantaged people in the surrounding community. They received a grant of £2,500 from from Albert Van Den Bergh/Jane Hartley Fund to support their work with a small number of people with very complex physical and mental needs.

The project aims to prevent social isolationespecially through the provision of activities at home and helping housebound people to stay both physically and mentally active. To achieve their aim, The Oasis Centre hosts a network of trained volunteers and connections with:

  • The local GP Surgery
  • The Dementia Service
  • Adult Social Care

One beneficiary – a nervous young mum with a personal circumstance of abuse and addiction to medication – joined The Oasis Centre alongside her at-risk son. Over the year, the son became an active member of the group, mixing well with other children at the Centre. The woman herself gained skills and confidence as a mother.