RVS Restormel Community Transport and Befriending Service

RVS Restormel Community Service (RCS) received a grant of £4,900 from The Manor Solar Farm Fund to continue their community transport and befriending services to the local people of Restormel. The Parish of Restormel is among the most deprived parishes in the county and most of the residents do not have any means of transport themselves so rely greatly on RVS Restormel Community Service.

The aims of the Restormel Community Service, Community Transport & Befriending Services are to continue providing door-to-door transport for senior residents of Restormel who are unable to use public transport due to ill-health, age or mobility difficulties and prevent social isolation and loneliness through weekly 1-2-1 befriending meetings in a safe space as well as reducing social isolation through companionship from their network of nearly 50 volunteers.

Funding from The Manor Solar Farm Fund has not only enabled RCS to carry on providing their vital transport services, but it has also helped their network of volunteers to remain with RCS by paying their expenses and helping the residents with the costs on journeys. Although vastly cheaper than a taxi, RCS are aware that in a deprived area of Cornwall, any cost can be difficult to cover. In a typical year, Restormel Community Service transports around 3,000 residents to health-related appointments and well-being events. The service also sees a significant number of return clients, so a cheaper service would benefit many.

RVS Restormel Community Service is grateful for the grant funding from The Manor Solar Fam Fund. If RCS could not continue providing these services, the loss to the local community could be detrimental to many residents.