Friends of Stratton Primary School & Stratton Playgroup receive funding from The East Langford Solar Farm Fund

Funding from The East Langford Solar Farm Fund has supported two organisations based in Stratton. The Friends of Stratton Primary School used their grant award to fund after school climbing sessions for the students and Stratton Playgroup used their grant to pay for urgent repairs needed on the boundary fencing.

Friends of Stratton Primary:
Thanks to the £1,800 grant from The East Langford Solar Farm Fund, Stratton Primary have been able to offer after school climbing sessions to its students. The fund has paid for weekly two-hour sessions with external climbing instructors leading the sessions with some teachers helping to run the sessions whilst also receiving training to become fully qualified climbing instructors.

The school believe the sessions will help to increase the resilience, self-esteem and confidence of the students and will build on their social skills which may have lacked due to the social isolation of many from the pandemic. The climbing session will help to re-engage the students leading to better learning and will benefit not only the student’s physical health but also their mental health.

Stratton Playgroup:
The Playgroup needed funding to pay for urgent repairs on the boundary fencing around the playgroup’s grounds. The fencing was over ten years old and proved unsafe to allow the children to play outdoors.

Stratton Playgroup asked for a grant of £5,000 to help pay towards the repairs but were quoted £9,000 to completely repair the fencing. Security is paramount for the children’s safety and the panel of The East Langford Solar Farm Fund saw this and decided to award the playgroup the full £9,000 quoted. With this funding, the playgroup not only completed the fence repairs but were able to create a safe enclosed sandpit area for the children to enjoy. The whole project has been a huge success and the children can now enjoy the full outdoor areas in a safe environment.

“This grant has been a godsend, we were struggling to fundraise (due to the COVID pandemic) for the large amounts needed to make the repairs and to replace all our badly worn-out fencing. Thank you so, so much, as we could not have made our outdoor play area a safer and better place to be, without your support.” Edwina Williams, Administrator at Stratton Playgroup