Quiet Connections CIC

Quiet Connections is a Redruth-based charity focused on supporting those with mental health issues and creating a ‘community of understanding’ to help those affected manage their anxieties, build confidence, and practice social interactions. Their focus is on “changing the culture of shame around those of us who are quieter” by re-framing the stigma of social anxiety and quietness.

Quiet Connections’ most recent project – ‘Quietening Your Inner Critic – was part-funded by a grant of £750 from the Mining District Fund. This supported the running of three, half-day workshops for those struggling with feelings of social anxiety and held back by the belief that they are not good enough. The free workshops increased opportunity for personal development regardless of financial/ emotional/ geographical barriers.

A series of post-workshop surveys revealed the positive benefits on the mental health of those who had attended:

  • Increased confidence in managing anxiety by 100% attendees.
  • An average of 67% increase in self-positivity.
  • An average increase of 223% self-compassion rating.