BF Adventure

BF Adventure is a Cornish outdoor education charity, established more than 25 years ago with a mission to support children and young people on a journey of positive change. In 2018 BF Adventure were awarded £6,840 by The Worval Foundation to run two groups of their ‘Head Out’ programme to improve the health and wellbeing of 12 young people 

Head Out is an early intervention programme designed to support young people experiencing mental health difficulties. Each ‘Head Out’ session consists of 6 young people who are referred from specialist agencies. 

Adrian Richards of BF Adventure discusses the attitude of one young person who was “quick to use his time out card as soon as he encountered something difficult”. For this young person, the programme was used to help him in two key areas.

  1. “Working with him to persevere when he has encountered difficulties”.
  2. “Recognise early signs that he is becoming anxious and develop strategies to cope with this”.