Karenza Fund grant supports the well-being of twelve young people

Thanks to the grant of £4,442 from The Karenza Fund, the Hugs Foundation has been able to expand its “Improving Wellbeing Beyond Covid” project.

The project delivered well-being interventions for children and young people aged between 4 and 18, over a twelve-month period, using activities including ecotherapy, arts and crafts, nature walks, animal-assisted Interventions, horticulture and practical skills, such as woodwork.

Situated near Bodmin, in one of the 10% most deprived areas in England, the ‘Hugs community”’ supports a range of complex needs including; social, emotional, physical and mental ill health, trauma, abuse, reduced or non-school attendance, SEND, social isolation, self-harm and suicide ideation.

Each beneficiary received a programme of six, one-hour sessions delivered over a six week period.. Once a referral application for support was received, a plan was developed with the beneficiary to meet agreed goals. For example, a goal agreed with one young person was to reintegrate back into education after Covid-19 caused anxiety and social isolation:

Effective interventions at an early age have a huge impact on people’s lives and health. However, these opportunities are few and far between for young people who are socially disadvantaged. The Hugs Foundation helps fill that gap.

Feedback from a parent:

“Daisy has just completed her 6-week placement with Hugs and what a difference it has made! Daisy had a very difficult year last year. The one thing that she loves in life the most (horses), was taken away from her very abruptly. Daisy was on a equine diploma course and doing really well, her neck condition deteriorated very quickly resulting in major spinal surgery, numerous hospital stays and life for Daisy coming to a standstill. Daisy’s well-being changed dramatically, her mood was very low, she didn’t want to go out and became very quiet, which concerned me greatly. She lost interest in everything.

Then I discovered The Hugs Foundation and after just one session there Daisy blossomed, she started to smile again, chatting about the ponies and the wonderful staff. Each week she came home I could see that I was getting the old Daisy back. All the hard work the staff and the animals put in at Hugs (or huggles as Daisy calls it️) has made a real difference and I can’t thank the team enough. Hugs does an amazing job and long may this continue so that other young people can benefit like Daisy has. Thank you again.”


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