Donna and Amy Visit Bude Foodbank

Donna Wheadon, Grants Officer, and Amy Buzza-Blackwell, Philanthropy Director, met with Sue Jarvis the Foodbank Manager. Sue commented on the big presence Bude Foodbank has, not only in Bude, but in surrounding areas as far as Whitestone and Camelford. They are an independent Foodbank and provide parcels that last individuals and families for a month.

They offer a discreet service and their clients are able to make an appointment to go and collect their parcel, so they do not have to make any contact. The morning before the CCF team met with the Foodbank, they had a referral come in from Holsworthy Police Station, they delivered a parcel, no questions asked.

Last month they handed out 201 food parcels, 71 more parcels than the previous year. This fed 349 adults and 260 children, this is the average monthly figures. These figures go up in the Summer holidays due to children being home from school and therefore the need for donations during the summer time is greater than usual.

They have collection points in all the supermarkets, but the donations have gone down from the surplus food from supermarkets and individuals donating. They are seeing an increase in referrals from families, single men and women.

Sue commented “people just are not managing in Bude, if the Foodbank was not around people would have to steel”. There is a second home problem in Bude and people moving to Bude and working remotely from their city jobs. Local young people cannot afford to live in Bude the average house price is circa. £350k, Sue added “young people would have to earn £80k to live here”.

Donna told us: “I was blown away with the setup, the space they have created for themselves is welcoming and refreshing. The set up of how the Church, Foodbank and Debt Centre work together is a pillar of hope for Bude. They clearly hold a strong presence within the area and are very well connected and regarded. The Church is a community and they welcome everyone from all walks of life.”

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