The Feel Safe Scheme receives grant of £2,000 from The Chief Constable’s Fund

The Chief Constables Fund aims to protect vulnerable people, reduce crime and safeguard the neighbourhoods and communities of Cornwall. The DaCCWA Feel Safe Scheme was recently awarded with a grant of £2,000 from this fund which will enable them to create a safer space for up to 25 people in need of safeguarding across Cornwall. The DaCCWA Feel Safe Scheme receive referrals from the police or local agencies such as social services who are dealing with vulnerable people in need of additional support.

The DaCCWA Feel Safe Scheme aims to make people feel safer in their own homes by carrying out small actional help making big differences to people’s lives. They support these individuals by supplying and fitting security items to properties which can include door chains, spy holes, door locks, window restrictors, outside security lighting and CCTV.

A representative from DaCCWA Feel Safe Scheme told us:

“This grant would make a big difference to the lives of the very vulnerable amongst us. They would feel safer in their own homes and give them piece of mind knowing that they are at least secure in their own environment.”