Constantine Bowling Club update clubhouse thanks to Business Club grant

Thanks to a grant of £3,000 from the Business Club Fund, Constantine Bowling Club were able to complete work to replace their clubhouse roof after many years of  “make-do” repairs. This is part of a larger project; Constantine Bowling Club Renovations for a Bright Future.

“The club members are delighted to have a clubhouse that is no longer leaking and looks good. In a small community like Constantine small venues and clubs are important as we are often far away from the big hubs of activities which are difficult to access if you don’t have transport. Relying upon having your own vehicle or friends to take you is not an option when older.

People not only come to participate in the game and exercise but also to meet and communicate with spectators, local and visiting, and enjoying tea and home made

Small clubs such as ours rely upon the goodwill of people when we are fundraising and important organisations such as the CCF that are able to offer funding to local clubs and groups. Please accept my thanks on behalf of Constantine Bowling Club and pass our gratitude on to the Business Club for their financial support.”

The real life impact

“We had an Open Day so that anyone could come and learn how to play bowls. The weather was wonderful which encouraged considerably more to come than we had expected. We knew that not all would join the club but it was lovely to see the new

There was one particular lady who came and seemed very pleased to just sit and talk. She explained that her husband had died from Covid just as she was
diagnosed with breast cancer. She had not been out of the house for several months as she felt she couldn’t face people but decided it might be different coming to our club. She did have a game with us and after had tea and cake and was talking to several other people.

One of those she had spoken to came and told us that it was such a surprise to see her out as everything had been so devastating for her they had been very concerned that she might ‘give up the will to live’. She was so pleased she had come but, as her mastectomy was still painful she will join us in 2024, we look forward to seeing her.”