Wellbeing & Prevention Programme invested £50,000 in care and support projects

As the Wellbeing & Prevention Programme draws to an end we would like to reflect and thank the local community groups who enhanced the quality of life for people with care and support needs through developing a range of activities and events. The vast range of projects concentrated on social inclusion, integration and independence.

We have been able to invest over £50,000 into these particular projects enabling over 2,000 beneficiaries, helping them to regain confidence, control and independence back into their lives ultimately reducing isolation and increasing health and wellbeing.

One of the most important aspects of the Wellbeing & Prevention Programme is that it has enabled the beneficiaries to increased their confidence and self-worth, with over 60% of the beneficiaries going on to participate in a regular community group activity whether it be exercise classes, luncheon clubs, gardening clubs or a Friday night at bingo with friends. Community groups reported that the social investment made by the CCF enabled some of the beneficiaries to reduce medication, hospital admission, their care at home support and the need for residential care.

The quotes received from the supported projects speak for themselves:

Big thumbs up and many thanks from participants of Apex Arts – “Many of the participants have gained increasing confidence levels which in turn have assisted with their independence. They are now confident to go out on their own and make friendship groups. This has also had a huge impact on their mental health and reducing loneliness and isolation”

Pengarth Day Centre had amazing results – “During this period Social Workers in the area have recognised the benefits to older people who were lonely and isolated and referred them to this organisation so they could participate. A survey was carried out to the older people and their families and they would welcome another programme like this one and improvements to health were visible.”

St Ives Carbis Bay Memory Café – “By having a joint outing in the community everyone feels valued, whether carer, cared for or a volunteer. Relationships are strengthened, encouraging the group sessions which in themselves help all individually, providing much needed respite for carers and a sense of independence for the cared for.”

VIP Dance Club – “The Club provides an important activity for elderly disabled people who, without Clubs like ours and the funding support, would be confined to their own homes. This can quickly lead to loss of confidence and depression. Several of the beneficiaries have commented on the wonderful atmosphere of the Club” Examples of feedback from members: I am able to make new friends with similar problems”, “Wonderful!”,” A wonderful atmosphere!”

Work Skills South West – “This project has had a profound effect and as such has evoked some very strong emotions from participants: “Every time I get to the end of the day here, I get that Sunday night feeling – you know the best is over and you have a whole week to wait before it gets good again”

“If I didn’t have this programme I would have killed myself – I had no friends before I joined up. The project has helped me learn that I can do things to get out that don’t cost much. This is really important, the government has cut my money and I can’t afford much.”

Carers have also commented: “This project has allowed my son to have an improved quality of life; recent cuts meant he had a reduction in the provision we could afford. As a result he became isolated living in his bedroom. I cannot thank the project enough for what they have done for him – we have our son back!”

“I’ve spent so long fighting for my daughter’s rights I couldn’t believe you were genuine – I just want to say thank you – I was wrong, you do care and you are there for all of us!!”