The Duke of Cornwall’s Benevolent Fund helps over 40 young careers

The Duke of Cornwall’s Benevolent Fund has given the opportunity to over 40 young carers to be young people and enjoy themselves free from their caring role and responsibilities. A young carer is anyone aged 18 or under who helps to look after a relative or friend who has a disability, illness, mental health condition or substance abuse problem where these duties go beyond what would be expected for a person of their age.

One of the young careers that we can’t name was supported by the fund in January 2016. She used the £560 award to purchase a laptop and printer to assist her in her ambition to become a lawyer. She is 18 years old and lives with her grandmother, she is gran’s main carer and her mother has passed away. She was also a carer for her mum from a very young age.

She finished her A levels in June and is extremely gifted in public speaking and advocating on behalf of young people. Her ambition is to become a lawyer and she has just started reading law at university. She has had to overcome many challenges in life but her strength of character shows she has a strong will and ambition to succeed. She said ‘I was a hidden carer before I engaged with the young carers service, I didn’t know I was a career, it was my life. The grant has helped and supported me to fulfil my dreams and embark on a career so I can continue to support my gran’.

Liz Digweed, Support Worker from Kernow Young Carers commented ‘The grant has been a huge support as she has not had to pay for printing which relaxes the strain on personal finances. This will help and support her goals for completing her degree to embark on a career. The lap top has proved invaluable and she has taken it to lectures and been able to gather information and evidence more easily’.