Surviving Winter Fund awards £36,000 to help people survive through winter

The winter of 2020/21 has been especially difficult in Cornwall. The impact of existing poverty and additional isolation caused by the pandemic resulted in an unimaginably long winter for some Cornish people. The Surviving Winter Fund offers small grants to the people at most risk from the effects of winter, helping them to stay warm, active and healthy. Thanks to the generosity of our regular and new donors, the Surviving Winter Fund has this winter supported 23 community groups, awarding 42 grants totalling £36,540.

A community group receiving a Surviving Winter grant for the first time this year, Cirque Du Ciel, was awarded £3,000 to help provide warm clothing and food parcels to people within the arts and creative industry who have sadly felt the affects of the pandemic. Cirque Du Ciel supported 41 households, benefitting 96 people. The fund helped pay for heating in some homes where difficult choices between eating or staying warm were having to be made.

Donna Wheadon, our Grants Officer said “We knew that the Surviving Winter Fund would be a small pot of gold to those individuals and families really struggling this year, many of whom were previously financially stable. The rise in fuel and food insecurity this winter has been like no other.”

The Rusty Bucket, a charity based in Looe, received a grant of £900.00 providing support to 18 households, benefitting more than 25 people. The individuals supported were struggling financially due to unexpected redundancy or furlough. In many cases being home more, meant fuel costs were higher at the same time as income reduced.

The Oasis Centre, who support vulnerable people in the communities around St Columb, were another organisation to receive a grant. Manager Pat Walton, highlighted the importance of the grants “So often the people we are helping are feeling in chaos, despair and hopelessness but it is surprising how much can be achieved with a relatively small amount of money and some support. It’s a port in the storm.”

Our Development Director, Jeremy Ward said, “We are very grateful to all our Surviving Winter donors. It’s due entirely to their generosity that we can support the amazing community groups helping people survive this winter.”