Members attend CCF Business Club breakfast

Twenty four businesses attended the quarterly CCF Business Club Breakfast on 14 September at the Plume of Feathers, Mitchell.  Chaired by The Hon Evelyn Boscawen, members shared their own business experiences and enjoyed an engaging presentation from Simone Kennett of Roseland Peninsula Patients Group (RPPG).  RPPG is a voluntary group, aligned to the medical practices in the area, that seeks to improve health and wellbeing in their area where there are gaps in accessibility or provision. The Business Club have previously awarded a grant of £3,000 to RPPG to set up a Memory Cafe in Porthscatho and members were interested to hear from Simone how the cafe had developed.  Simone also presented RPPG’s plans for the future, including the appointment of a community agent to act as a conduit to services and advice.

Members of the CCF Business Club each donate an annual contribution for grant awarding to community groups.  Since it started ten years ago, the Business Club has awarded more than £300,000 to support local voluntary organisations and charities.