Surviving Winter fund awards grants to help people face the challenges of winter


Cornwall’s Surviving Winter Appeal is a lifeline to people struggling with cold temperatures and winter weather.  Tamas Haydu, Chief Executive of the Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF), says, “Many local older people are at risk and even die because of the combined effects of fuel poverty and social isolation. 1 in 7 households (36,000 homes) in Cornwall are considered to live in fuel poverty. In some areas the figures are even higher. Small grants from our Surviving Winter Fund are vital for the people who need help.”

CCF is requesting that anyone who receives the Winter Fuel Payment but does not need some or all of it, to donate it to their Surviving Winter campaign. CCF also welcomes donations from people who do not receive the Winter Fuel Payment but who would simply like to support fellow Cornish citizens who need their help.

Thanks to the generosity of our Friends and other supporters, more than £22,000 has been raised for Cornwall in this year’s Appeal so far. Grants amounting to £14,000 have already been processed and awarded to community groups who are working to support people in severe need due to winter conditions.

Organisations who have received funding to distribute in small grants to individuals requiring support include Penwith Over Fifties Forum, Cornwall Refuge Trust, St Austell Community Kitchen, Liskeard Community Action, Penryn and Falmouth Foodbank, Oceans Foodbank in Bude and Livewest Homes.

Pengarth Day Centre received £500 funding from the 2017/18 Appeal to support extra meals through their meals on wheels service. Sharon Mitchell, Manager of the Day Centre, commented, “An elderly lady whose daughter lives up country had frozen pipes so didn’t have any water. One of our drivers took water and a hot meal to her.”

EFGI Cornwall Aid Centre used a grant of £1,050 in 2017/18 to provide duvets and blankets to help people in great need.  The Centre has now been awarded £1,000 from the current Appeal. Manager, Lorraine Carlin, commented, “This year the EFGI Cornwall Aid Centre will provide a hot 2 course meal and a payment of £15 towards extra heating costs. This enables people who are struggling financially to know that people around them do care and that it is possible to receive help.”

Kirsty Philpott, CCF Grants Manager, says, “We are always heartened by the generosity of our Surviving Winter donors wanting to help vulnerable people stay warm, healthy and well. We are also open to receive further donations – the more money we receive, the more people who are struggling we can help.”

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