Foundation launches the Cornwall Coronavirus Emergency Appeal


Cornwall is facing an unprecedented crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting our communities severely, as our already fragile seasonal economy is hit by social distancing and travel restriction advice.

Many families are already in ‘in work’ poverty – as work disappears, many more are being forced to turn to their community for help. The crisis projects across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly– the foodbanks, the homeless shelters, the soup kitchens – are already stretched to capacity but face increasing demands. At the same time, food donations have reduced due to stockpiling and local charities cannot get out in their communities to do their usual fund raising.

The Cornwall Coronavirus Emergency Appeal has been launched to enable people to donate, safe in the knowledge that their donation will be directly used to help Cornish people feed their families and survive during the Coronavirus crisis.

CCF Grants Manager, Wendy Reading, says, “We are working to make sure the money donated reaches the communities that need the most support. From our 15 years’ plus experience, we know the organisations providing front-line crisis support and so will quickly be able to assist them. Indeed, we have already awarded our first grants.”

Tamas Haydu, Foundation Chief Executive, comments, “We understand the impact that Covid-19 will have on communities; personally, financially and when it comes to the capacity of local charities to support vulnerable people. Foodbanks and small, front-line charities rely on donations to ensure they are helping those in need, and as a Community Foundation we want to ensure that they can continue to support those in need through this difficult period.”

To donate to help Cornish people survive the crisis, please click here.