Cornwall Connection: Charities warn of “hidden crisis” threatening young Cornish people

A Cornish Liberal Democrat Peer and a group of the county’s leading charities have warned of a “hidden crisis” threatening the economic and mental health of an entire generation of young Cornish people.

In a joint statement issued in conjunction with the panel discussion organised by Cornwall Community Foundation, the charities Wild Young Parents Project, DISC, Young People Cornwall and local Lib Dem Peer, Baroness Jolly, said that the pandemic and a staycation boom had exposed the county’s inequalities on the national stage, but the unique challenges facing young people had remained largely hidden.

Baroness Jolly, who has decades of experience in education and policymaking in social services and social care, joined the charities to raise awareness of these issues and call on locals, tourists and business leaders to play their part in addressing the crisis.

The virtual panel event, chaired by Daphne Skinnard, assistant editor of BBC Radio Cornwall, saw each speaker draw on their experience on the front line of this crisis to discuss the challenges and solutions that may help avert the worst long-term impact.

Cornwall has been thrust into the spotlight over the past eighteen months. The pandemic combined with a metropolitan exodus and the G7 summit have exposed the county’s inequalities on the national stage, and there is more awareness than ever of the social issues impacting Cornish people.

Issues affecting young people in Cornwall, however, have remained largely hidden.

Young people in Cornwall face a unique set of challenges and it will require a concerted effort of people from all walks of life in Cornwall to help address this.

Whether you are a local, tourist, business owner or just someone with an interest in the county, you can play your part by engaging and supporting charities and organisations like ours and helping to deliver the change that is so desperately needed.

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