CCF joins the 360 Giving Family

We’re very pleased to announce that the CCF has joined 76 other funders who have published their Covid 19 grant making data through the 360Giving framework. In doing so, we’re joining the #opengrants movement. 360Giving publish data from (at the time of writing) 144 other funders (including 24 Community Foundations across the UK), providing information on 390,989 grants, providing £31bn worth of grant funding to 212,413 recipients. 360Giving hosts a searchable grant making database, Grantnav, which makes our data accessible to anyone wanting to gain a better picture of grant making in the county (or the country, for that matter).

To view the grants we have awarded through the Cornwall Emergency Fund please click Grantnav

360Giving provides very user-friendly tools for extracting relevant data, presenting it in a uniform way, and checking for gaps and inaccuracies. This process has encouraged us to make sure everything is shipshape. We have been congratulated on the quality of our data! You can find the grants spreadsheet, along with details of our open data policy and code of conduct, on our website.

We will continue to promote our grant making by participating in this growing national open datasets. This information will help shape our future grant making, and it is hoped in the future will contribute to a clearer picture both of philanthropy and grant-funded community action.

To view published data relating to Cornwall and the IoS please follow this link 360Giving Cornwall & IoS.