Tregothnan – The Hon. Evelyn Boscawen

    The belief in doing things well has persevered for many centuries at Tregothnan, home to the Boscawen family since 1334. A place where heritage and innovation meet, a wealth of experience combined with a pioneering spirit led us to create the first teas grown in the UK.


    Today tea – Camellia sinensis – thrives on our estate lining the tranquil waters of the Fal estuary. Since selling our first cup of tea in 2005, we’ve captured the imagination of the tea-drinking public. The world’s favourite beverage finally finds a home on British soil.

    Tregothnan hosts the UK’s largest Charity Garden Open Weekend annually to support local charities, including the Cornwall Community Foundation. We also work with CCF each year on our stand at The Royal Cornwall Show.