Payroll Giving

    Payroll giving is an opportunity for businesses to help their employees make regular payments to charitable causes they care about, directly from their gross pay.

    With 200,000 UK charities to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to support and if your contribution will really make a difference. Choosing Cornwall Community Foundation as a beneficiary of your company’s payroll giving means that donations will have a real impact in your business’s local area. We link people with a passion for Cornwall with the groups in their area that are working hard to alleviate need and deprivation.

    CCF enables payroll givers to reach the small, front-line community groups that are making a real difference in their local area. Rather than feeling like a drop in the ocean, even small donations can have a big impact on a local community group – your employees’ gifts could be the difference between a group closing down or surviving.

    Great for employers

    Payroll giving is a great way to enhance charitable giving and corporate social responsibility with minimal cost and administration. This has been shown to have a very positive effect on employee engagement, and demonstrates that your company is committed to supporting its staff and the local community. With enough payroll givers, your business can create its own company payroll fund, tailored to support your areas of interest or concern, such as the geographical area around your business or causes chosen by you and your staff. Employees can even assist in making the final decisions about which local organisations receive funding by forming part of the decision-making panel.

    Great for staff

    People who receive a company or personal pension through PAYE can also use this method as a way to donate to charity. All payments are made directly through salary before tax is deducted, which means that donors get immediate tax relief on their donation, and at their highest rate of tax.

    For further details, please contact Jeremy Ward on 01566 779333 or email