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    Cornish Traditional Cottages – George Edward-Collins

    Cornish Traditional Cottages was the brain child of Michael & Dawn Powell in 1964 who wanted to provide owners with a marketing and booking administration service and guests with comfortable accommodation across Cornwall.

    Charles Edward-Collins joined Michael & Dawn’s family business in 1986 having moved back to Cornwall with his young family and subsequently bought the business in 1991 upon their retirement. Under his wing the business continued to grow building a reputation for the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team commonly referred to as his “family”. Charles’ son, George, flew back to the nest joining the business in 2009 and after seven years pecked his way to the top spot in 2016.

    Charles says, “From the moment I joined Michael & Dawn I knew that CTC had a great future ahead of them with a team focused on providing memorable Cornish Holiday experiences. I am immensely proud of all we have achieved as a team and the reputation we have built and am delighted that my son George will carry the baton for the next generation.”

    George adds, “I am delighted that I have pecked my way to the top and with an enthusiastic flock around me we look forward to continuing to expand our selection of properties for your enjoyment. Paul the wise Owl looks after all the pennies, Alison & Charmian the crazy Cuckoos are flitting around the County to visit your holiday nest, Carol, Emma and Hailee the reliable Robins will help you with all things connected to booking your holiday and last but not least is Sophie our persuasive Peacock keeping you up to date with all things Cornish.”      

    We live here, we love it, so much so that in 2016 Carol celebrated 25 years, Alison 16 years and Paul 10 years’ service with CTC, three milestones almost as old as the business.

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