Young people in Liskeard benefitted thanks to funding from the Caradon Area Community Fund

A grant of £2,500 from the Caradon Area Community Fund enabled Young People Cornwall to continue providing two professional youth workers to facilitate a weekly youth group.

Young People Cornwall run a youth group every Friday evening in Liskeard, with an average attendance of 60 young people aged 11 to 18 years old. Youth-led activities are offered, including arts, music, sport, cooking and issue-based workshops, as well as outside community events. Positive, education-based sessions with guest speakers like Brook Family Planning have discussed issues like period poverty.

The funding from the Caradon Fund has helped Young People Cornwall provide opportunities for personal development in a safe, structured environment, enabling vulnerable and at risk young people to access targeted and specialist services.

Youth workers work closely with partner agencies including the police, children’s social care, CAMHS and counseling services to ensure the needs of young people are met. The group is passionate about engaging in the community, encouraging them to take part in wider activities.

“This project served to ensure young people have a safe, social meeting space in which they could take part in new positive activities, form vital social skills, make new friends and also learn about their local community.”

“Youth club is a fun and happy environment. I really like doing all the activities and seeing all my friends. “

“I think is it so important for the children to have a safe and positive place to come together every week. My daughter has built enduring friendships from attending and looks forward to every session. ” – parent