Wild Young Parents Project thanks Foundation for support

WILD Young Parents Project is an award-winning community group that works with young parents, children and babies in the most deprived areas of Cornwall. Even before the pandemic many of the families receiving support from WILD were facing huge challenges.

Jo Davies, CEO, says “Our families at WILD are going to find this very hard to manage. Most of our families do not plan more than a few days ahead, so will not be equipped for a two-week isolation, or for having to attend hospital if needed. Those with the most complex needs are either terrified, or do not comprehend the impact of a pandemic. We are particularly worried that neglect and violence will increase.”

In common with other charities and community groups in Cornwall, WILD have had to adapt to support their families in new ways. In the first instance this means checking families can meet basic needs and supporting with finances, food and staying connected. WILD have also introduced online group activities and online 1:1 support as face to face contact is no longer possible. The project is also deepening links with other service providers to build an effective safety net.

WILD have been awarded a grant of £2,000 from the Cornwall Emergency Fund as well as Crisis Funding that helps families or individuals with emergency needs.

Jo Davies commented on receiving the grants, “Thank you all so much – it has been a crazy couple of weeks, and the families we work with are all struggling so much. We have been inundated by their concerns about how to get food, how to cope, managing anxiety, managing illness…they are really finding it so difficult. This is absolutely brilliant. Please pass on our thanks to your team and your trustees.”