The Drop in and Share Centre – a van and a plan

The Drop in and Share Centre (DISC) in Newquay has received funding from both the Emergency Fund and the Build Back Better Funds. With the initial funding, they were able to buy food and other essential supplies. This enabled them to continue their work giving emergency services and advice for homeless and disadvantaged people in Newquay. From the continued support from CCF, DISC has been able to relocate to a more suitable venue and purchase a van in order to prepare and distribute meals in and around Newquay. 

Manager, Monique Collins, explained how the volunteers struggled with general and chilled storage space, kitchen facilities and in particular prep space and available hours. With the Build Back Better funding DISC received, the charity has been able to relocate to a new venue that addresses these challenges. The new facility has a hall that can be used long term and once lockdown restrictions have eased, DISC will be able to re-introduce sit down meals and counselling services.  

DISC is now open 5 days a week and is cooking for 7 days. All meals are provided free and delivered by volunteers to vulnerable people. Newquay has a large homeless community and DISC offers catering for them and also supplies clothing. In 2019 they supported 30 people per session, twice a week, and delivered 3,050 meals to those in need. In early 2020 DISC added 2 extra soup kitchen sessions and catering increased to 45 individuals, adding up to 140 meals a week. During lockdown in week one they delivered 700 meals, week two 1,050, week three 920, week four 950 meals and the demand is increasing. With the cold winter nights, there will be an increasing demand on DISC’s services. 

We are pleased our Build Back Better Fund has been able to support DISC with Build Back Better and Emergency grants.