CCF grants help Truro foodbank feeds thousands during pandemic

Due to the impact of the COVID 19 virus, many more people than usual have found it hard to make ends meet. The work of Truro foodbank has been crucial for hundreds of people and families in Truro and the surrounding areas.

Prior to the pandemic, Truro foodbank could meet demand with food boxes collected at local supermarkets and through large food donations from Tesco HQ partnerships with TrusselTrust. Although this drastically changed when shelves started to become bare.

Funding from the CCF Emergency Fund ensured the foodbank could carry on providing food for those in need. From the beginning of May to the end of July demand more than doubled with 7 tonnes of food distributed in 2019 compared to 16 tonnes in the same period of 2020. From the beginning of lockdown, Truro foodbank have fed 1926 people, of which 1196 were adults and 730 were children.

Speaking at the CCF Business Club virtual breakfast meeting, Simon Frann stated that he was thankful that the funding was able to be used for operational costs. He explained that the logistics of operating a foodbank during the pandemic was one of the most difficult aspects. “Your assistance is helping us on the ground, that’s where it’s most important”, he said