Supporting men’s mental health and well-being

Men’s mental well-being is often a hidden subject. So we would like to highlight two of amazing Cornish community projects that provide invaluable support for men struggling in their darkest moments.

In 2019, The Office of National Statistics reported that the England and Wales male suicide rate of 16.9 deaths per 100,000 is the highest since 2000 and highlighted the sharp rise in mental ill health, that began after the first lockdown in March 2020. Charities have been working tirelessly to support people struggling during one of the toughest years and it is time to shine that bright light and thank them for their efforts.

Pegasus Men’s Wellbeing Centre based in Pool, offers face-to-face counselling sessions to those facing mental health difficulties. At the start of the pandemic, they turned to online virtual sessions and now make sure that any face-to-face sessions are Covid-safe. Beata Webb from Pegasus comments “There is a massive psychological toll to pay for isolation, job loss, uncertainty and even the constant fear of death. Without a project like ours, the mental health and stability of the county is at risk. The number of suicidal clients has increased and many new to the project have explained that they’d probably be dead without us.”

A very recent Cornwall Community Foundation grant awardee, The Chalk Effect Climbing Project offers support to men through a physical, mental and social activity. This unique project supports individuals to gain confidence and self-worth with the instruction of basic indoor climbing, bouldering, traversing and top-rope climbing. Jordan Rimmington from The Chalk Effect adds “The rewards seen from the individuals when they face their fears and sheer joy on their faces is over whelming for all included. It is such a beautiful thing to witness, watching the members grow, physically, mentally and socially. They start to drop their barriers to become open, honest and willing for more.”

By providing funding, CCF will continue to work with small charities and organisations that are helping to support men and other individuals struggling with their mental health across Cornwall and The Isle of Scilly.