Pengarth Day Centre

Pengarth Day Centre received £4,800 from the Emily Bolitho Trust Fund to help clients with mobility problems, rural isolation or lack of income to pay for independent transport to access the day centre and meals on wheels.

A quarter of the population of Penzance and surrounding villages are aged over 65 years. The day offers the services of a hairdresser, a chiropodist, entertainment on a weekly basis and other activities such as exercise classes throughout the week.

Sharon Mitchell, Pengarth Day Centre Manager, said “We feel that with the support we provide we can help older people stay in the community of Penzance for longer and also reduce the demand on other health care services when all some people need is company, support and a home cooked meal.”

As one of the beneficiaries quoted, “If I didn’t have the Pengarth transport to pick me up I wouldn’t get out of my house at all. I rely on the meals delivery service from Pengarth as I’m unable to cook or shop for myself anymore.”