Kinsman and Treningle Tenants and Residents Association receives Cornwall Emergency funding

Responding to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic the Kinsman and Treningle Tenants and Residents Association (KTTRA) is taking practical steps to help those in need. They have been awarded £2,930 from the Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) Emergency Appeal.

The KTTRA is based in Bodmin, one of the most deprived area’s in Cornwall and has a high level of social housing. KTTRA spokesperson, Linda Chapman, says the role of the association is “to provide a community hub to offer a space to residents for the positive and good of our designated area.” The residents have worked hard to renovate and maintain their community centre and created a community garden where fruit and vegetables are grown and shared amongst all the residents.

Linda continues “we are offering practical and emotional support to families and individuals in crisis, using our Community Hub as a safe distribution centre for food and other essential household items.” Many of the residents are in flats and have no outside space so the association set up a Facebook Group to share ideas, activities, tips and links for information and external support.

The money from the emergency fund will be used for shopping for ‘shielded’ residents with no family or friends support, the supply of face masks, children’s reading books and family sports packs alongside distribution of produce from the community garden.