Girls Assemble empowers young girls in Cornwall to strive for a career in STEM

Girls Assemble, based in St Agnes, received a grant from the Cornwall Womens Fund to offer female only workshops to girls aged 9 to 13 years to learn skills in STEM and construction.

The grant of £5,000 helped to facilitate a group of workshops based around STEM subjects and teach hands on carpentry and metal work skills which will inspire girls into construction and STEM industries.

As well as growing their confidence, this will also improve their mental health, economic futures and change the structure of traditionally male dominated industries.

In the UK, only 24% of the STEM workforce are female and 12.5% of construction jobs are held by women.

Girls Assemble want to readdress this imbalance and empower girls to be trailblazers. Connecting girls to their communities and changing the demographic makeup of the STEM and construction industries that create and author the physical world.

Feedback received:

“Girls assemble team were nurturing and friendly, putting in accommodations for
my daughter with SEN, my daughter had an amazing time and came away with a
huge sense of accomplishment at the object she made at the session and feeing inspired to do more carpentry. Highly recommend!”

“It was great Mum, they didn’t do anything for us, they trusted us with the tools.”

“Really amazing, more than we could have hoped for. Our child who attended
lacks a lot of confidence and it has really boosted them. So clearly in support of
the LGBT+ community which makes us so happy!”

89% of the girls who participated in these workshops said they are now considering a career in STEM.