Cornwall Glass Fund supports Lusty Surf Life Saving Club, a vital service to the community of Newquay

Lusty Surf Life Saving Club (Lusty SLSC), train children and adults in surf lifesaving skills with weekly training sessions to various age groups that can often include first aid training, ranging from basic life support to CPR, how to use a defibrillator and spinal boards. The sessions are run on the beach and are geared around lifeguarding, beach safety, and awareness.

Lusty SLSC, based in Newquay used their grant of £1,000 from Cornwall Glass to purchase five new Nipper rescue boards that are required to effectively train the older Nipper group (11 to 13yr olds).

During the pandemic, Lusty SLSC froze club fees to support their members through a time of hardship for many due to restricted or non-existent employment. This had a knock-on effect to the normal revenue stream for Lusty SLSC, meaning they were unable to purchase the rescue boards themselves.

The five new rescue boards have allowed the club to increase both the amount and quality of training, helping their members to benefit from increased sea safety skills and awareness. The boards have enabled the older Nippers group to train on appropriate equipment for their age and size, as they are preparing to enter the Junior section of the club this is important to help them achieve their beach lifeguard qualifications and start to volunteer on public beaches.

The club is a vital service to the local community by providing physical activity, beach & sea safety skills plus subsequent wider volunteer safety cover to public beaches when the RNLI have not been able to operate. Lusty SLSC runs entirely on volunteer time from the local community and the grant from Cornwall Glass has been greatly received.