Black Voices Cornwall create a safe space for Cornwall’s ethnically diverse communities at Celebration of Culture event

Celebration of Culture (CoC) is an event full of representing different cultures hosted by Black Voices Cornwall. The day is filled with cultural performers, food stalls from around the world and family-friendly activities.

This wonderful celebratory event enables ethnically diverse people to feel represented and as though they belong in Cornwall, this improves the mental health and wellbeing of so many people from these underrepresented communities across Cornwall.

Cornwall Community Foundation are keen supporters of Black Voices Cornwall and the work they provide to the Cornish communities, this is the third Celebration of Culture event CCF has funded.

Black Voices Cornwall told us: “We understand Cornwall is 96.2% white populated and due to this lack of diversity, we’ve found, through connecting with different ethnically diverse people/organisations, there isn’t spaces in Cornwall to fully embrace their cultures. This is what CoC tackles! We create a space for ethnically diverse people to come together in a safe and inclusive space to celebrate their heritages, we also love when white people embrace it to!”

Attendees of the event said: “I loved being immersed in so many different cultures” and “I can see myself represented!”