Active8 is a small Cornish charity which aims to empower and motivate young people with physical disabilities to become autonomous. Their work develops young people’s skills, confidence, support structures and aspirations. Active8 supports young people to challenge the status quo and to be a catalyst for improvement in their own and their communities’ quality of life.

#iwillfund (previously known as The Youth Social Action Fund) and the Cornwall Club invested in Active8’s final year of ‘Motive8’ project. The young people are supported in learning how to cook and they have had cooking sessions planned at Cafe Chaos and at Rick Stein’s.

The young people interested in driving are supported to attend the Mobility Centre and undertake driving assessments. There are further workshops on preparing for work, looking at interview skills. There will be a further 3 residential weekends.

Active 8 will also support them to form a task group and work with their fundraiser, trustees, Acceler8 and After8 projects to decide, plan, market and publicise a challenge event.