Battling On CIC, Callington, have received £3000.00 from the Cornwall Emergency Appeal to purchase essential supplies for vulnerable young people who are currently experiencing high anxiety and difficulties in obtaining basic items such as food and nappies.

Helena Drawer, from Battling On, tells us what this means in real terms. “We have a number of young people taking part in projects with us at the moment, who are now very scared and worried about looking after themselves. Many live a hand to mouth lifestyle, and therefore don’t have reserves of even basic essentials of food and toiletries. Some are young, single parents and are worried about being able to feed their children.”

The Coronavirus lockdown has seen a significant, detrimental, impact on the welfare of many including vulnerable young people, some of whom have underlying mental health issues. This project will help with the practicality of them accessing food and other essential supplies, and act to prevent mental health issues from escalating further.

Battling On aims to assist forty young people and their family members, as many of them are too afraid to leave their home with practical help delivering essential supplies of food and toiletries to them five times a week.