Open Data

    The Cornwall Community Foundation is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants, using the 360Giving data standard. You will find here our Open Data Policy that includes our open data code of conduct, which sets out how our data should be used.  More information can be found here CCF Open Data FAQs.

    To view our COVID-19 grant making to date, as published through 360giving, please click on the links below:

    Covid 19 Crisis Fund Awards 13th March – 27th July 2020

    Covid 19 Emergency Fund March 2020 – 27th July 2020

    Our data can be viewed directly through 360Giving Coronavirus grants tracker.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to Cornwall Community Foundation.

    We believe that with better information, grantmakers can be more effective and strategic decision makers. 360Giving provides support for grantmakers to publish their grants data openly, to understand their data, and to use the data to create online tools that make grant making more effective. For more information, visit