Entrepreneur Launches Fund for Young Business People in Cornwall

A new funding programme has been launched for young entrepreneurs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Thanks to founder Nick Robinson, The South West Enterprise Fund is a private fund, set up with the aim of supporting 500 young entrepreneurs each year to develop their business ideas through grants and business support. The grants will be administered and distributed through Cornwall Community Foundation.

Nick Robinson states “I was fortunate to save up enough money in my twenties to self-fund a business. That initial funding gave me the confidence to try self-employment and entrepreneurship. At SWEF, we would like to provide that same opportunity to young entrepreneurs in Cornwall who don’t have the initial funds required to start their business or take their newly established business to the next stage.”

The fund will offer grants of up to £2,000 to people aged 30 or under, living in Cornwall with initiative and a strong work ethic.

Kirsty Philpott, CCF Programmes Director adds “The start of the new year has seen some exciting developments and we are delighted to be working with and delivering the South West Enterprise Fund in Cornwall. This is such a fantastic opportunity for young Cornish people who are striving to turn their business idea into a reality. We are extremely grateful to the fundholders for making this investment into our Cornish communities and we can’t wait to demonstrate the creativity and innovation that Cornwall has to offer.”