Crisis Fund

Description: Enables charitable organisations to hold a pot of funds to distribute small grants to individuals in crisis

Type: Individuals

Status: Open

Maximum: Charitable organisations reaching people in Crisis can apply for an initial £500 to distribute small amounts, usually no more than £100 when there is a need for immediate help, to alleviate destitution or poverty. Top-up requests can be requested after the initial reporting has been received.

Opening: 01/01/2021


Notes: Open all year round

The Crisis Fund is to benefit people in crisis who are urgently in need of small, one off amounts of money.  These funds can be accessed through charitable organisations throughout Cornwall who hold a pot of funds, to distribute to individuals when necessary.

Charitable organisations can apply for an initial £500 to distribute small amounts, usually no more than £100 to individuals where there is a need for immediate help.  These funds are then topped up once the balance falls to £50 or less, on the condition a full list of records are kept and sent to us, a template is supplied.  After the initial £500 is spent the first top-up is provided in relation to the length of time it took to spend the initial award and the funds we have available,  with the intention of it lasting the organisation 12 months.  One top-up per annum will be provided, except in exceptional circumstances.

If you are a new organisation wanting to access these funds, please complete an application form.


Apply online: Begin your application


Additional funding opportunities: Cornwall Council’s Crisis and Care awards

  • Crisis awards for those in emergency or disaster situations to help people and their families with immediate needs.
  • Care awards help vulnerable people to live as independently as possible in their community.

For further information please visit Crisis and Care Awards website.