Cornish Lithium Community Fund

Description: Cornish Lithium welcomes applications to support community projects in the following areas: Gwennap Parish Council, Chacewater Parish Council, St Day Parish Council, Carharrick Parish Council, the China Clay Community Network area, St Agnes Parish and Redruth Tolgus area.

Type: Core costs & project costs

Status: Open

Maximum: The grants range from £250.00 - £2,500.00

Opening: 29/04/2024

Deadline: 10/06/2024


The Charitable objectives of Cornish Lithium are to:

  1. Advance education, including supporting projects and training that benefit people of all ages across Cornwall by enhancing their skills, with a focus on Earth Sciences and History of Cornwall, including Mining History;
  2. Promote the general health and wellbeing of the community in Cornwall, specifically in areas impacted by Cornish Lithium work;
  3. Advance environmental protection and improvement including the transition to net zero.
  4. Support the industrial heritage of the region, including mining history, to bring educational and wellbeing benefits and enhance the local landscape;
  5. Provide and improve facilities across Cornwall in the interests of social welfare and leisure time with the aim to improve residents’ wellbeing;

The fund will not be supporting sporting activities and will carefully review proposed funding opportunities for diversity and inclusion aspects and collective community benefits.

Cornish Lithium welcomes applications from the following geographical areas: Gwennap Parish Council; Chacewater Parish Council; St Day Parish Council; Carharrick Parish Council; China Clay Community Network area, St Agnes Parish and Redruth Tolgus area.


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