Watson Marlow

    Watson-Marlow Limited – David Cole

    Watson-Marlow Limited (Watson-Marlow) is a peristaltic pumps and tubing manufacturer based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

    Watson-Marlow comprises two factories: a pump factory and a tubing factory together with the UK sales operations.

    Watson-Marlow employs 215 people across its two factories and support functions in Falmouth. There are also 12 direct sales engineers located throughout the UK.

    Since 1956 Watson-Marlow has helped industry, science, medicine and commerce transfer a range of fluids including concrete, vaccines, mining slurry, paint, ink, beer, coffee, potable water, waste water and almost every type of precious, delicate, abrasive, viscous or corrosive fluid. Watson-Marlow is the only peristaltic pump company to manufacture its own specialised peristaltic tubing.

    The business has grown through the development of pumps and tubing with a range of sizes and tube types that meet a multitude of applications across a wide range of industry sectors.

    Watson-Marlow is the largest site within the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (WMPG) and is a Spirax-Sarco Engineering Business with six world-class factories within Europe designing and manufacturing a range of peristaltic pumps, tubing and hoses and sinusoidal pumps. It has direct sales operations in 24 countries and distributors in 50 others.