Watson French

    Watson French – Chris Phillips

    Watson French is a principled and accomplished independent Chartered financial planning firm providing objective financial planning and investment advice to private and corporate clients, including business owners, high-earning professionals, individuals, families and charities.

    Our clients regularly recommend us and we work hard to repay that trust by providing service of the highest standard; genuinely bespoke, effective and ethical.

    At Watson French we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with objective advice that fits your needs at that moment but that can evolve as those needs change.

    We have the independence to enable us to offer you whole market advice and not be restricted to a limited portfolio of products and providers.

    Our accomplishments in the fields of wealth management and financial planning have, over the last 24 years, led us to a position where over 90% of our new business comes in the form of referrals from other professionals or via a personal recommendation from an existing client.

    We offer all new clients an initial meeting at our expense and without obligation.

    Watson French