St Austell Brewery

    An introduction to St Austell Brewery

     St Austell Brewery has been brewing beer in Cornwall since 1851. Fast forward 165 years and while traditional brewing techniques remain, innovation, passion and craftsmanship continue to evolve.

    Expertly brewed, bottled and barrelled in Cornwall, St Austell Brewery’s range of award-winning beers exert flavour and character – crafting fine beers continues to be at the forefront of the independent family company.

    Best known for Tribute Cornish Pale Ale, from its original site in St Austell, the brewery makes its quality beers in some of the most advanced facilities in the country.

    The skilled brewing team brings together the very best Cornish ingredients wherever possible – at the helm is Roger Ryman. Partnerships with local barley growers, together with relationships with specialist hop growers across the world, keeps St Austell Brewery brewing up new flavours and beer styles.

    Alongside St Austell Brewery’s well-known family of beer brands, a calendar of new and individual brews – and the recently launched Small Batch Brewery – firmly fixes the award-winning brewer at the forefront of the British brewing industry. State of the art facilities co-exist with a deep-rooted Cornish heritage.

    As well as its range of celebrated and award-winning Cornish beers, the company also owns more than 177 pubs, inns and hotels across the south west. St Austell Brewery’s beers are in supermarkets and bars across the region and nationwide.

    St Austell Brewery acquired Bath Ales in July 2016. In addition to its pubs, the deal included The Bath Ales brewery, which is situated between Bath and Bristol, its portfolio of beer brands and its pub estate.

    Meet St Austell Brewery’s core range of Cornish beers:

    Tribute Ale (4.2% ABV)

    Firmly established as the south west’s favourite beer. The pale amber brew is light, hoppy and zesty. Orange and grapefruit flavours are balanced with biscuit malt to create this superb Cornish classic. A consistently delicious ale – this beer was born to be enjoyed.

    An easy drinker, a pint of Tribute is a perfect accompaniment to a Cornish pasty or favourite pub classics.

    A permanent line up – and a regular guest beer – on bars across the country. Also available in 500ml bottles (£1.79) in all major supermarkets nationwide and (12 bottles for £25).

     Proper Job (5.5% ABV)

    A powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours. Proper Job is an authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water, different malts, including Cornish grown Maris Otter barley, and a blend of imported American hops. Quite simply: this is a great beer.

    Best served chilled; Proper Job is a refreshing barbecue drink, perfect with tasty meats.

    The hoppy favourite is well stocked in pubs nationwide and available in 500ml bottles in Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores (£1.99) and (12 bottles for £29).

    Korev (4.8% ABV)

    Meet Korev: A Cornish lager with soul. With a wonderful light pale colour, Korev – Cornish for lager – has a delicate bitter finish. It took St Austell Brewery more than 160 years to brew the perfect lager, but it was worth the wait. Clean, crisp and delicate, Korev is a lager you won’t forget in a hurry.

    Korev works well with spicy food or a tasty pizza.

    Served in pubs and bars nationwide. Available in 500ml bottles in Waitrose and Tesco stores (£1.99) nationwide and all major supermarkets across the south west and (12 x 500ml bottles, £27 and NEW 330ml bottles 12 x 330ml bottles, £21).

    Brewing up innovation since 1851

    Alongside St Austell Brewery’s core cask and bottled range, the brewing team continues to spearhead innovation in the UK’s brewing scene. From complex and flavoursome stouts like Mena Dhu (4.5% ABV) to old firm favourites like traditional strong ale Hicks (5.0%), St Austell Brewery’s new brews, as well as its established brands, are consistently good.

    A programme of exciting and unexpected beers straight from the Small Batch Brewery will continue during 2018.

    The globally inspired range of small batch brews explores some of Brewing Director, Roger Ryman’s favourite beer styles taken from his visits to some of the great brewing and beer drinking locations around the world. The range is sure to leave beer drinkers thirsty for more – a series of limited cask beers will also be rolled out to select pubs across the south west.

    The Small Batch Brewery is the focal point of St Austell Brewery’s revamped visitor centre museum and interactive brewing experience which reopened in summer 2016.

    For more information about St Austell Brewery, and where to find its beers, please visit