Mental Health Fund : Match Funding Challenge

    Double your money - every £10 you donate will be matched to achieve so much more

    The challenges of coping with mental ill health, as a sufferer or carer, places a huge strain on individuals and families. One in four people will experience mental health issues in their lives.

    There are many great community organisations in Cornwall who work in this field.  But the demand for their services continues to grow.

    The Cornwall Community Foundation, with your generosity and  support, has introduced a new initiative to support people struggling with mental health challenges in Cornwall.  The Mental Health Fund will raise money for a fund that is available forever for this very important cause. It will also raise greater awareness.

    We have secured substantial funding to match your donations.

    This is how it works.  Every £10 you donate to the Mental Health Fund will be doubled with £10 from the matching fund.  For every £50,000 we raise from generous new donations, that will create a fund of £100,000 to support local organisations.

    And there’s more. Gift Aid can be claimed on many new donations. This means that £50,000 of new donations becomes up to £112,000!  Your donation will help us create a substantial in-perpetuity fund to support community organisations helping mental health clients.

    Perhaps you are a community group with surplus funds at the end of the year seeking a worthy cause for the investment; perhaps you or your family have been affected by mental health issues; perhaps you just want to support people in Cornwall.  Whatever your motivation, please support the Mental Health Fund with as much as you can afford.  The Match Funding Challenge means every £10 goes a long, long way.

    To donate, complete the short form below.