In 1890 Eliza Jane Rodda started making Cornish clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen here in Cornwall, England. Five generations of family expertise and 128 years on, we are still crafting our Cornish clotted cream the same way. We gently bake rich local cream until it’s rich, thick and silky with a distinctive golden crust.

    Our Cornish Clotted Cream is made from 100% Cornish milk from our 52 farming families, all located within 30 miles of our creamery, for an authentic, delicious taste.

    Rodda’s is the ultimate ingredient for the perfect cream tea: a timeless combination of freshly baked scones, sweet jam and silky smooth Cornish clotted cream. Cornish clotted cream is essential to making the three elements work so well together; providing a smooth contrast to the crumbly scone, cutting through the sweetness of the jam and delivering a full creamy richness. It’s also perfect for topping desserts and dipping strawberries into for those real moments to savour.

    Cornish clotted cream is so special that it has been awarded protected designation of origin status (PDO). Rodda’s led the way to secure this coveted award, which protects a small number of traditional, regional foods from imitation. PDO status means that all ‘Cornish Clotted Cream’ can only be made in Cornwall, to the traditional local method, using the exceptionally delicious Cornish milk. So when you see the PDO symbol on our Cornish clotted cream, you know that you are buying the real thing.

    We still use the same passion, expertise and traditional cooking methods since we started crafting our cream, over 128 years ago. Today, Rodda’s Cornish clotted cream is renowned in countries throughout the world.

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